myDH makes managing your healthcare simpler

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myDH makes managing your healthcare easier

Scheduling, organizing, and managing your healthcare information and appointments is getting even easier, thanks to the popular patient portal, myDH.

What began in 2001 as an initiative to move medical records online now has some half a million Dartmouth Health patients like you taking advantage of our portal’s cutting-edge healthcare capabilities that can be accessed anytime, anywhere on a laptop or mobile.

myDH brings you many advantages. You can avoid long phone wait times by requesting, canceling, or rescheduling appointments.

With myDH, you can:

• Communicate with your healthcare team

• Request, reschedule, or cancel an appointment

• Have video/virtual appointments

• Renew your prescription

• Complete appointment questionnaires

• View your account balances and make payments

• Get estimates for upcoming appointments or procedures

• Generate a QR code for your COVID-19 vaccination status and test results

• Make updates to your insurance information

• Get access to medical information that includes: medical records, medical histories, test results, hospital admissions, medications, allergies, immunizations, office notes, and referrals. And so much more.

You also can communicate with your healthcare team, participate in virtual appointments, renew your prescriptions, complete appointment questionnaires, manage billing, update insurance, get your COVID-19 vaccination status and test results, and access your medical information.

More recent updates to the portal include pre-check-in capability, reminder alerts, and the expansion of Fast Pass, allowing you to be automatically notified when an earlier appointment is available if you’ve chosen to be on a waitlist.

Depending on which Dartmouth Health location you use, you soon will have access to Hello Patient, a mobile app that allows you to check in faster using your phone when arriving at your hospital or clinic.

If you are a parent, managing your children’s healthcare is simpler, too. Parents can schedule their children’s appointments, get healthcare questions answered, and make sure their medical records requests are met. 

More recently, the ability to view office notes for adolescents has expanded to parents and legal guardians.

myDH portal and app capabilities like these improve patient experience.

Emerging research shows patient portals enhance the doctor-patient relationship, improve patient health awareness, and increase adherence to therapy.

Stay on the lookout for more enhancements to your myDH app and patient portal. And if you are not already using myDH, sign up now.